DFTC Weight Loss

Based upon Dr Funke’s book about high risk body size, the “Take Control of your Weight “programme, is focused on helping people lead a healthier way of life.  The programme is comprehensive in that it incorporates looking holistically at food, the mind and the body. Developing a healthier mind is the core of this programme as the mind is a powerful ruler of our existence.

Three Stage Programme

The following is an outline for the programme which is available both on a group and individual basis depending on your circumstances. For full details of the next programme
please email me at contact@drfunke.co.uk or call 01992 651 976.


  • Food science & body mass
  • Why diets can fail in the mind
  • Pro’s & con’s of treatments and diets
  • Cultural & social impacts on weight


  • Positive & negative impacts on motivation
  • Self esteem matters
  • Food & emotional triggers
  • Behavioural patterns

Taking Control

  • Planning for change
  • Better relationship with food
  • Keeping your balance
  • Embracing the new you

Dr Funke also runs the following programmes:
Take Control of your parenting: Sessions are usually based in your home where Dr Funke or one of her team will assist with parenting skills and offer practical advice and interventions in order to bring back harmony into your home.
Take Control of your self esteem and confidence, stress, relationship are all part of the Dr Funke Take Control packages.

Do not be afraid to get in touch – the take control programmes are here to help you help yourself.