Literature and Publications

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Dr Funke has contributed to numerous articles for magazine and given her opinion to online articles. Why not take a look at some of her opinions on the articles she has contributed to:

Dr Funke's Books

Take Control of Your Tomorrow and Find the Real You

We can never take control of what happens in our life, but we can take control of how we perceive the things that happen to us. My latest book takes you on a journey in discovering who you are, by finding the real you.

High Risk body Size: Take control of your Weight. Sheldon Press

My refreshing book takes an exciting and challenging look at the underlying psychological reasons for excess and unwanted weight gain.

This is not about going on a diet but more a tool for you to explore the reasons why you eat the way you do.  My philosophy in life is once you are able to sort things out in your head the rest will fit into place.

Good Monday Morning

As part of the Dr Funke –Take control series, this book is aimed at giving you inspirational fix to deal with your Monday mornings.  So why not embark on taking control of your week with this uplifting book.

Other Publications

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